Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to the Party, Mr. Brown

To my British be careful out there. It's a dangerous world, on every corner now....and all brought to you by the "religion of peace".

Hopefully, all those security cameras will pay off. Although I understand that the driver of the first Mercedes was someone they caught earlier related to 7/7, and they let him go due to 'lack of evidence'. I don't suppose it matters how many they round up if they're just going to let them go. There's nothing like a recycled terrorist to make your day.

Please, be safe!


northern monkey said...

I think there's a lot of 'recycled terrorists' about, but I guess it only takes one with a half decent plan.. I find it amazing the recent events were completely 'off the radar' - what are MI5, MI6 etc doing?

M said...

Unfortunately, MI5/6 has to be "on" every time, and the terrorists have to be "on" only once to cause havoc. The odds are horribly in their favor. I feel for those in the intelligence and police enforcement community who are certainly trying, but it's terribly difficult to battle this kind of thing.

It's also a huge struggle here, full of political argument. The right wants to arm the intelligence community with the tools it needs to fight these people, while the left wants to hamstring them, claiming loss of privacy, rights, etc. Happy mediums are hard to find and not terribly effective when you're fighting terror.

This is also the reason people are so upset over the border situation here. There's so little effective control over it, it's only a matter of time before something horrific comes across.

It's a dangerous world and certainly not the time to go to sleep at the wheel on anything. People can be in denial about it all, but that won't make it go away, unfortunately.