Saturday, June 30, 2007


Yesterday, my sweetheart and I took to the streets on the Vespa. It was a gorgeous day. In great irony, the weatherman had called for rain, but the sky could not have been bluer or brighter. We were transported to the tropics, suddenly on a Caribbean island, and we couldn't resist climbing on the scooter for a ride around town and down to the beach. Shorts, t-shirts, in a ponytail, a golf hat and no make-up. It was blissful freedom, floating about on a little Italian scooter, without a care in the world. We loved it. Bellissimo!!

I continue to be a little squeamish about piloting the Vespa alone, after I plowed it into a Jaguar that first day, but I'm so loving the freedom of it, I'm vowing to get back on the horse and ride. It's a blast, truly. I do love that little Italian baby!!

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northern monkey said...

I love vespas - they are so stylish and cute - tho sounds like you and your other half were giving the vespa a run for it's money in the style stakes