Monday, June 25, 2007

Lobster Tales

Today, I am a lobster.

Saturday, golf by the ocean.

Sunday, beach party.

Monday, bright red everything, seeking heavy doses of aloe, garlic and melted butter. :)

Fortunately, it'll likely turn brown over the next few days, and I'll be on my way to having my summer tan. But really only on the front. The backside of everything still wreaks of winter whiteness. Next time, I'll have to devise a tanning strategy, because this time, I clearly did not employ one.


Miss Forthright said...

Oooh ouch :o(

Try sitting in a bath of cool water or slathering yourself with aloe vera gel. You poor thing.

M said...

Thanks Miss F.

It's my own fault, and fortunately, it doesn't hurt all that much.

I should have slathered on SPF 4 billion, for all the time I spent outdoors with whiteness exposed. My half-Italian skin will likely brown out by week's end, and it'll be okay.

Fortunately, I did wear a big straw hat and sunglasses, so I managed to save face, in some regards. :)