Monday, June 4, 2007

Missing the Mob

This always happens to me when one of my favorite long-running TV shows comes to an end. I felt this way when 'Sex and the City' ended - like an old friend is leaving, a friendship is terminating, and I have to go into my television future without the aid and comfort of that favorite companion.

It's happening again with the final season of the Sopranos. There's one episode left next Sunday night, and then that's it. Over. Whacked. And I'm feeling really bad about it.

I've watched Tony and the gang for years and years now, been through the shock and awe of it all, been disgusted by it, laughed at it, marvelled at some of the brilliant writing, bonded with a few of the characters, was horrified by others. I've watched a lot of scenes over the years with my hands over my eyes because it was just too gruesome or cruel or awful to look at full on. But now, it's almost over, and I feel like I'm losing a friend. Oddly, I will miss the mob.

No spoilers given away here, but last night's episode made me feel weird and uncomfortable. I sort of dread next week, as the foreboding of tragedy (of some sort) hangs in the air. And as much as Tony and the mobsters deserve whatever they get, I'm not looking forward to it.


SandDancer said...

Thanks for not putting in any spoilers. I'm looking forward to this series being shown over here but it will be sad when its over - especially since good dramas really are few and far between these days with all the reality nonsense filling up most channels.

M said...

I know. It won't be easily replaced by anything, that's for sure.

I'm always amazed at how good and gritty the writing is. The fact that they can make us care about Tony despite his horrific character flaws is a testimony to the talent at hand -- the writers, directors, actors, etc.

I hope they go on to do more.