Thursday, June 14, 2007

Freedom, But on Her Terms

Not that I've ever assigned much credibility to her, but this time, Angelina Jolie proves what an idiot she really is (and a hypocrite at that).

She's just made a film which promotes freedom of the press as its main theme. At the premiere of the film, she banned reporters from specific news outlets (because she's politically biased against them) and had interviewers sign contracts before they were allowed to talk to her -- contracts which stated they could only ask her about certain things.

Amazing isn't it? Make a film about the freedom of the press, and then censor all the interviews about it. So very, very classic.


Caroline said...

Yeah, but she's got those lips....;)

M said...

Yeah, but no telling where they've been...ew!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Angelina for me is in that whole Brad category - I dont care about them, i am sick of reading about them and they bore me. I dont care what kids they adopt, i cant buy a magazine without them being on more that 2 pages, its pathetic

M said...

Me, too. I am really tired of them and don't quite understand the media's fascination there. No matter what she does, I can't forget her and Billy Bob wearing vials of each others' blood. There's just something wrong there.

As for adopting all these kids, I think the jury's out on whether they're better off with her or where they were. While they'll have all the trappings of a privileged life, they'll probably need therapists for the rest of their lives, since their new mother is so whacked out. And I wonder how long before she moves on to her next 'obsession'.