Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ritz and Not Famous

Today, I am venturing out to do lunch with "the girls". I'm scouring my closet for something elegant yet casual, as we are dining on the terrace overlooking the beach at The Ritz Carlton just outside of Palm Beach. Whoo-hoo! Swanky digs, indeed.

Our original premise was to go for high tea, however, since we learned that they only do tea during the summer on Saturdays, we've opted to go earlier and just enjoy some lunch.

The instigator of the outing is one of those friends who always says 'Oh, don't dress up. It's casual...' and then proceeds to show up dressed to the nines, ready for the red carpet and paparazzi, making me feel like an underdressed waif. I've been a victim of her more than once.

But not today. Today, I'm going to find something wonderful to wear; wonderful, given the constraints of my closet, of course. Time to get creative.


SandDancer said...

Not sure why but that made me laugh - the thought of someone scheming to outshine everyone else. I can well believe it but it seems such a petty thing to do!

M said...

She's generally a good person but suffers from an ongoing craving of attention. She openly admits it....seeking the spotlight, wanting to be the center of action... blaming it on growing up an only child and never having to share the stage with anyone.

I am quite the opposite. I prefer subtlety and anonymity. Maybe that's why she likes me. Nobody tugging at her spotlight.

Miss Forthright said...

Make sure you wear a big pair of glam shades!

M said...

Ironically, I wore a fabulous sundress I bought at a street market for $10 topped off with a $250 pair of Chanel sunglasses.

I'm an equal opportunity fashion maven. And I like to keep 'em guessing. :)