Friday, June 15, 2007


It really hasn't been the best week, and I'm happy that it's about over. Thank God it's Friday, literally.

Small things, annoying things, disappointing things, feelings of setbacks have put us in a bit of a bad mood around my house. So far, nothing fatal, so we're thankful for that. It's small lumps, and I'd rather have a dozen like that than one or two whoppers that we could have handed to us. So I'll take my lumps and deal with them, and maybe we just need an attitude adjustment of some sort, but it really feels like we could use some good news, of any flavor, small or large, about now.

On deeper thought -- I have a really good life, full of wonderful things, filled with blue sky and sunshine, so when a grey cloud does temporarily stop by, I really feel it, because I'm not used to it. So with that in mind, I'll suck it up and continue to be grateful. Life is good, and the cloud will pass.

Nothing good in the universe can come to you without gratitude. (...say and repeat, say and repeat, say and repeat....)

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