Friday, June 8, 2007

Death of a Column

After writing my magazine column for a year and a half, it's now over. The magazine was bought by a larger media company, and we couldn't cut a deal on the continued writing. So I'll no longer be a published writer.

Honestly, not a big deal. It was mostly for fun anyway. Certainly wasn't paying the bills. But it was nice to have a creative outlet and to get a comment now and then from a reader.

On the other hand, it was getting difficult to work within the boundaries given me. 500 words, keep it fluffy and non-controversial. Some days, I wanted to write an essay and slam all sorts of things. Other days, I couldn't string a sentence together. So all in all, I'm sort of glad it's over. No pressure to be witty and brilliant and fluffy on a schedule now.

Onward, to something else.

1 comment:

SandDancer said...

That's a shame but you still have this blog, where the only censor is yourself.