Friday, June 29, 2007

Eva the Diva

I'm making another appointment with Eva for next week. Eva is the thick-accented Polish lady who gives the best massage on the planet. But, that's not the half of it. I would describe Eva as somewhat of a modern-day witch doctor, of the positive variety (no voodoo, no chicken heads or goat sacrifices, just an unusual dose of spirituality and uncommon insight). She's very spiritual. Her premise is that everything comes from God, and we need to let Him flow through our lives, let go of the stress and negativity, and just let Him in. It sounds eery, but it's actually a very positive experience all the way around.

While Eva massages you, she "connects" with things. She finds your "energy" and moves it around, if it's out of kilter. But she also picks up on things you didn't tell her. All of a sudden, she'll ask you about something that she should absolutely have no knowledge about. She says she feels the energy of it. And she's usually right. So in addition to the best massage ever, it can be a very interesting experience.

I've had friends say that while she is working with them, they'll be flooded with memories they hadn't thought of in years, things they'd thought they'd forgotten, all of a sudden recalled in brilliant visual detail. Supposedly, it's part of the energy thing, finding it and focusing it in places that will help and heal.

Next week, in addition to the massage, I am also getting a "foot detox". Haven't had this before, but my friends who have said it is amazing. You release bodily toxins through a foot bath, which starts with clear, salty water and twenty minutes later results in some strange colors present, with each of the colors representing some toxin that has been released, varying from person to person. Sounds hokey, but my friends are swearing by it, full of renewed energy afterwards. And apparently, if you repeat the de-tox several times over a time period, the water will eventually stay clear, and the de-tox is complete. Hmmm....painless, inexpensive, and worth a try just to see what happens.

As for the massage, this is where Eva will 'see' things as she works on me. That's the really interesting part. I'm curious about this especially -- She told me some insightful things last time I did this. And I'm not going to tell her about the miscarriage; I want to see if she tells me about it. Will report back on this next week.

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SandDancer said...

Ooh that does sound interesting - looking forward to hearing back what she picks up on.