Friday, June 1, 2007


Following up on SandDancer's recent post regarding Ellie, I realize that I have given abundant airtime to Baci, the turbo shitzuh, but have not paid proper tribute to the late great Tucker, my Australian Shepherd who passed on last year.

Here's the last photo I have of Tucker and I. He was a very sweet boy, another little creature who was forever happy and smiling, and we all miss him greatly.


SandDancer said...

Oh, he's beautiful.

M said...

Thanks. Yes, he was a beautiful dog. This photo doesn't really do him justice, as he was in poor health then and had lost quite a bit of weight. In fact, this was his last day with us, as we opted to put him down that evening. He was in pain, and the vet said it was time.

We were quite lucky with him. We adopted him from the SPCA at about age 5, and he turned out to be the best dog. Always happy, never barked. Great demeanor.