Friday, June 1, 2007

Tag Teamer

And here's the current boy of the house....Baci.
Baci (Bah-chi) means "kisses" in Italian. He's not a licker...he's a sniffer, and he gives everyone little butterfly sniffer kisses when he meets them. Hence, 'Baci' seemed appropriate, although he's Chinese, not Italian, but he doesn't know that, and we're not telling him. :)
He's very smart and has pegged some favorite human words that are meaningful to him such as 'bunnies', 'bugs', and 'ducks', which are the things he likes to watch out the window and chase in the yard when given the opportunity.

He's a jet set pet. He flies with us most of the time, going under the seat in front of us in his carrier. He loves it and is better than most kids on a plane. Now if only American Airlines would give him a frequent flyer number.

He just turned 3, so hopefully we have a while yet with him. He's just so darned happy all the time. I wish I could bottle and sell some of that.

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