Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double Miles

Good thing I'm earning double miles on American Airlines right now. For the next little while, I'll probably be one of their most frequent flyers.

Today? Off to Virginia with a drive to North Carolina for a visit to the Outer Banks. Duck, North Carolina. Never been there, so a new adventure. We'll be staying with 5 other couples (family/friends) in the beach house pictured above.

Next....after NC, off to Florida again for two weeks. Then back to Dallas. Then San Diego, Dallas, Toronto, Dallas, Florida, Dallas, Florida and Dallas again. All that with double mileage ought to earn me a free ticket. At least.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

60's Glamour

Plunking around on the internet today, I couldn't help but notice the retro looks being highlighted in places like Neiman Marcus. They're calling it "60s Glamour".

Most of what leaps to mind for me about the 60s is anything but glamorous -- hippies, granola heads, love children -- hardly falls into the glamourous category. So they must be talking about the early 60s....the Jackie days....the days before the Woodstock crowd took over and ruined our wardrobes forever.

I can't help but believe this has been fully influenced by the AMC show "Mad Men". I'm amazed at how one little show on an 'off'' network has managed to grab such attention. But it has. It's on my Sunday night schedule every week. And yes, I started watching it mostly for the fashions. They're fabulous.

Let it Rain

Rain, rain, rain....the rain came down all day today. I don't think there was a moment when it stopped. It quietly, evenly poured every minute. But I didn't really mind. It kept me indoors turning attention to things that needed it like cleaning the house, doing the laundry and packing for my trip to Toronto next week.

My husband wasn't here today, so I did 'girl' things. Post-cleaning and laundry, I got online and wardrobe shopped. But instead of buying online, I went shopping in my own closet. I found an outfit online that I really liked, then went searching in my own closet to recreate it. And I did pretty well actually. May have even saved a few hundred dollars by mixing and matching things I don't normally wear together. The addition of an odd accessory here or there, and viola -- a new look.

All this while watching a 'Sex and the City' marathon, which prompted me to be even more 'wardrobe-creative'. I never get tired of watching Carrie and the girls. It's like visiting old friends.

Tonight? Feels like it's time for a home spa session. I see a white terry robe, a leisurely bath, a facial, a sappy paperback and a glass of Conundrum all in my near future. Not the most exciting of evenings, but indulgent and soul-nourishing, nonetheless. Sometimes a girl needs an indulgent night alone.