Saturday, September 12, 2009

60's Glamour

Plunking around on the internet today, I couldn't help but notice the retro looks being highlighted in places like Neiman Marcus. They're calling it "60s Glamour".

Most of what leaps to mind for me about the 60s is anything but glamorous -- hippies, granola heads, love children -- hardly falls into the glamourous category. So they must be talking about the early 60s....the Jackie days....the days before the Woodstock crowd took over and ruined our wardrobes forever.

I can't help but believe this has been fully influenced by the AMC show "Mad Men". I'm amazed at how one little show on an 'off'' network has managed to grab such attention. But it has. It's on my Sunday night schedule every week. And yes, I started watching it mostly for the fashions. They're fabulous.

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