Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tis the Season

We're off to the Florida house again later this morning for a couple of weeks. It's that time of year again - hurricane season - and we need to go down and close the house down for the season.

There's not much to it, really. Mostly, we need to bring in the patio furniture from out back and store it in the garage and then make sure anything that's loose is tied down in some way. We don't put up hurricane shutters, as the house has impact glass that should withstand very high winds, should something happen. So it's minimal work, but it needs to be done. Otherwise, we're just tempting Mother Nature by flaunting that patio furniture out there, just waiting for something to happen.

Above is a picture of hurricane Rita which hit the East Texas/LA coast a couple of years ago. You didn't hear much about this one, because at the time, Hurricane Katrina was the media darling, the People's Hurricane, the Perfect Storm, the favorite cause-du-jour, and even though Rita cropped up two weeks later with equal strength and devastation, the cameras were pointed at Katrina victims, so this one pretty much got ignored. Also, the people who got nailed by this one were probably less black and more white, so it didn't make for as good a media story. And since many of them figured out how to recover without waiting for the government to be their daddy, they didn't count. They didn't make good victims, so it was just no fun reporting on them. Darn those independent people who take responsibility for helping themselves.

I'll be back online later today or tomorrow, assuming all goes well with the flight.



Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Hope it all goes ok! My friend is going to Florida for two weeks on Thursday, I'm very jealous :-(

Anonymous said...

have a good flight!

Caroline said...

Here in S. TX we sure heard about Rita - she was supposed to come right over us until the last minute when she turned north. Kids even missed 2 days of school, just in case.