Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hair-owing Choices

It's June, almost officially summer, and I need a new haircut. I'm at the end of the old one. I let it go too long between trims, and its shape is completely unidentifiable now.

I have very thick wavy hair that goes really straight when I straighten it, really curly when I curl it and is mostly frizzy and wild when I do nothing with it (not an option), so I have to be careful of the cut.

I must resist the temptation to go shorter than what is requred for a pony tail because when I hit the summer hair doldrums and can't find the will to fix it, a pony tail rescues me. Plus, if there's a smidgen of humidity in the air, it goes nuts, and 'nuts' is not a good look for me.

It used to be that there was some haircut that was all the rage, and I had to have it. I was never one of those girls who could ignore the trends and let my hair grow endlessly to my butt. I've always cut it in one style or another. But nothing hits me (for me) right now. The hair style magazines either show some form of really long hair swept one way or another (which in my book is not a 'cut') or something artful, outrageous, spikey and/or purple that is quite beyond the ambition of my hair.

I need to do something with it soon, and until then, the pony tail rules. My only thought right now is a layered bob....not too short, but above the shoulders...although I've been that route a few times in my life. So I'll continue to ponder it, make an appointment and make the call when I hit the chair later this week. It's just hair. It'll grow. It always does.

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