Thursday, March 29, 2007

How Good Could They Be?

Inspired by Miss F's post yesterday about shoes and heels, I took a peek in my own closet to see what was there. While I have a generous shoe collection (yet very modest, by most female standards), I realize that I wear the same 3 or 4 pairs most of the time, and the others sit there and collect dust, no matter how much I loved them when I bought them.

In reviewing the quantity of shoes, the question of quality....and price....also struck me. I always see beautiful shoes in store windows -- Pradas, Jimmy Choos ($960 above), Kate Spades, Gucci, Dior, Weitzman and on and on -- at outrageous prices, and I wonder how good could they be, and who is it that buys these shoes? Because while I admire them, I never purchase them. In fact, the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes is probably $150 on a rare, rare occassion, and that's because somebody talked me into it. (and I've worn them twice in a year.)

I always remember the 'Sex and the City' episode where Carrie laments the fact that she has no money in her savings account, but she has $40,000 worth of shoes in her closet......

Which got me to wondering....What does the average woman spend on a pair of shoes?


Miss Forthright said...

Personally I haven't spent more than £65 on a pair of boots, which would be about $110 I think. Shoes: no moe than £50.

Shoes get dirty don't they? I would never spend hundreds on them. Unfortunately I don't have a limo driver so Blahniks would be knackered on my feet in a few days.

SandDancer said...

I am incredibly heavy on my feet (for someone not particularly big) and manage to destroy shoes with even the thickest soles. So very expensive delicate shoes would be useless for me - I also walk lots and take public transport so don't really have the lifestyle for those types of shoes. But I find very cheap shoes are a false economy too.

I usually pay about £40-£60 for shoes (less for summer sandals). The most I've paid was for a pair of boots which cost £120 two years ago but in the winter I tend to alternate between them and another pair of boots, so they've been worth the money.

I particularly don't understand why women pay hundreds for wedding shoes that they will only (hopefully) where once and are barely seen poking out from under a long dress.

M said...

Yes, shoes get dirty. I have an acute aversion to spending lots of money for anything that will spend its life on the ground. I feel that way about rugs, too. They're on the floor; people walk on them. I don't want to pay a ton of money for something that people are just going to walk on.

I generally spend $70-$90 on a pair of shoes, a bit more on boots...but I try to catch those on sale at end of season.

I just don't understand who is able to consistently spend big bucks on shoes, when they get walked on, and the styles are always changing anyway. Seems like a really bad investment.

By the way, Africam is quite lively this morning, if you peek in. Zebras and antelope at the moment.