Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Watch Follies

It's hard to beat the DC watch story, but I did have other watch excitement in London this weekend.

I have developed a hankering for watches from a store called Folli Follie. Discovered the store in Santorini this past summer....bought a watch...then found another store in Barcelona a week later.....bought three more (one for a gift). They don't have much presence in the States, with a single store on Madison Ave in NYC and another in Hawaii (oddly). So I go crazy whenever I run into one.

Lo and behold....there was Folli Follie in London on Oxford Street. Yay! Bought a lovely black watch, which was the color I had been desperately missing.

The next day, I ran into another Folli Follie in Chelsea. I did have the restraint not to even go into that one, but I was quite happy to see it there.

I like the watches because they are colorful and stylish and although not cheap, they are also not outrageously expensive (135 GBP for the black one). Also, the glass on the watchfront is crystal and does not scratch. A nice feature. Plus, since you can't find a location in the States easily, almost nobody has one here, making it a rare find, not so easy to have in our global society. I get so many comments on them from people wanting to know where I found them. Very cool.

So go in and take a peek next time you see a Folli Follie. Watches are great; handbags and wallets are quite nice as well.

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