Monday, March 12, 2007

London Calling

Just returned from London and had a wonderful time. The weather gods shined gleefully on us, the City was beautiful and people were friendly. We couldn't have asked for more, except maybe more time. No one wanted to come home!

Will post more detail later, but in the meanwhile, here's a photo of us perusing Portobello Market on Saturday.



SandDancer said...

I completely got the wrong idea when you said you were coming over - I thought it was this week! Anyway, hope you had a great a time and looking forward to hearing more about it later.

Miss Forthright said...

I am really glad the weather was so fabulous for you. It's still nice today.

Miss Forthright said...

By the way M, you look fabulous.

M said...

Thank you, Miss F! That's my hubby with me -- he turned 50 that day and is sporting his new Daniel Craig haircut. The blonde is a friend and wonderful travel partner, Carla (her husband took the photo). They are from South Africa originally but now live on the beach in S. Florida. We travel to wonderful places together and had a fabulous time in London. It has moved into the lead as one of my very favorite cities. And we shall return!