Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dancing with the Divorcee

Last night was the first installment of this season's "Dancing with the Stars". Now this show is so incredibly cheesy, but for some reason, everybody's watching it (including me). I think it must be the beautiful dancing, the glamorous outfits, etc. We'd all like to think if they can figure out how to dance like that, we can, too.

Anyway, I haven't been able to decide what's going to happen to Heather Mills on this show. On the one hand, I keep thinking people will toss her immediately due to her nasty McCartney issues. On the other hand, the morbid curiosity to see if her leg will go flying off may keep her on the show from week to week. I hear there are actually websites taking odds on how long before the leg comes off. (Are we a sick society or what?)

But last night, I encountered a third option (and the one she is hoping for). I genuinely got the feeling that people will keep her on because they admire her courage and determination to show people that they can overcome a handicap and do whatever they want. When she finished dancing, she got a pretty big ovation, like people were finding all that really "amazing" and deserving of praise.

While it's hard to argue with that aspect of it, I can't help but think because it is Heather Mills, that whole angle is a bunch of bunk, and she is using it all for self-promotion. She bills herself as a 'Charity Organizer' or something like that (as opposed to gold digger divorcee). And I'm having a hard time giving her the benefit of the doubt.

In the meanwhile, my husband's critique is that her performance is just "too wooden". He thinks he's a funny guy. :)

In some related irony, perhaps fitting, Heather's score from the the three judges was 6-6-6. Hmmm.....

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