Monday, March 12, 2007

Watch This!!

Okay, here's something really me, anyway....

I wore Daniel Craig's watch to the theatre on Thursday evening. Yes, I really did (re: my earlier post about my Florida friend and DC's watch. ) It was way too big for my wrist, but I wore it all the same. It gave me happy, happy thoughts -- I mean, THE MAN actually wore it on his very own wrist. There were small scuffs here and there on the band clasp, no doubt put there by DC himself. *swoon*

Since this was my first trip to the London theatre, it was so very cool to actually be wearing it. I happily reset it to London time; the last person to have done that would have been Daniel himself. *melt* And one day I will meet him and tell him about it (*she dreams...*).

I will post a picture of the watch on my wrist later (when I can access it from my digital camera), but for now, check out the watch on Daniel's wrist in the photo. That's the one! *sigh*

*screams like a silly teenage girl*


Miss Forthright said...

Haha, that's fabulous. I would have worn it too had I had the chance, but P would have got the arse with me I suspect.

M said...

I have the coolest husband. He lets me have the fantasy and just laughs. He's the best.

Miss Forthright said...


P calls Daniel Craig 'Wooden Woodensen' because he apparently looks 'like a big lump of wood'.

M said...

Well he's not conventionally handsome, but I think that's what I like about him. I don't generally like pretty boys, men who are obviously good looking. That's far too easy and downright boring.

Miss Forthright said...


Plus he is a big hunk of burning love.

M said...

Totally smouldering. Effortlessly stylish and sexy, the best kind. *melt*

He appears in interviews to be a bit reserved...and I love that. Like he's shy in public but probably an absolute tiger behind closed doors. Love, love, love the thought of that.

And I like the fact that he seems to shun fame. He's a thespian, not a "celebrity" and seems totally uncomfortable with the spotlight. Must mean he's a real person. Very unusual in that world.