Monday, March 5, 2007

Fifty is Nifty (for him...)

The love of my life is turning 50 this Saturday (yes, I said FIFTY), and I can hardly believe I will soon be married to a 50-year old man! That sounds so incredible on paper, but it just doesn't seem to register that way in real life. I've been joking with him that a young chick like me has her limits, and very soon I'll be trading him in for two 25-year olds. He pretends to be amused. LOL

I didn't know what to get him for his birthday, especially since it's a big one. Birthdays are always a problem for me. I'm not that enamored with them -- as long as you aren't dead, everyone has one at least once a year, so really, what's the big deal? In contrast, I have a friend who likes to bask in the spotlight whenever possible (she's an only child and does not let us forget that), and she throws herself a big birthday party every year, like it is a big deal, while the rest of us are happy to quietly observe the day with a few select intimate loved ones.

Anyway...I didn't know what to get my sweetheart this year....he pretty much already has everything that's within reach (the garage is like an adult version of Toys-R-Us ...sports car, scooter, motorcycle and every other form of wheels known to man), and he is quite content with all of that.

So I decided since he's 50, he needs a makeover, a new image. I went with him to the hair spa, and we got him a brand new haircut (thank you, Daniel Craig) which looks fabulous and has taken 5 years off of him. It looks so good, I even talked him into leaving it mostly gray rather than touching it up with a hint of color, like he usually prefers. He's also only shaving every few days now, so he has that sexy, manly scruff thing going on along with the new haircut.

Then I made him go clothes shopping with me. Bought him some awesome new and updated key wardrobe items. New slacks, a few Nat Nast pieces, some Tommy Bahama items, new black Manolos and a few other suave duds.

I must say, the man is looking very HOT at this point. And I may have created a monster. :) But a really HOT monster. :) And all mine. *smack*

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