Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blondes "Re-decorating"

About the time I've decided it might be fun to go a shade or two lighter on my hair color (from brunette to something a little sunnier), I see a story on 'Nightline' last night about how it's suddenly all the rage to be brunette. Suddenly? I've been brunette for a thousand years. I guess I've been out of vogue until now.

Apparently, hordes of female glitterati are losing their blonde locks to a color called 'chocolate' invented by some hair dresser in L.A..

Not sure why it's all so 'in' now. I'm thinking that maybe all those "blondes" out there simply decided it'd be nice to have the drapes match the rug for a change. If you know what I mean..... :)


Miss Forthright said...

I think it's because brunette is a bit more of a serious take-me-seriously colour for an actress/ singer to have.

I must be really fashionable because I've been brunette for 27 years!

M said...

I actually think most of them look better with dark hair anyway. But I don't expect the trend to last. Already, Posh has gone blonde. By summer, it'll probably be over and back to the bleach.