Monday, March 12, 2007

The Gory Details

And here are the by play....

4:30 pm EST: Car service to Miami
8:20 pm EST: Flying the friendly skies

8:55 am GMT: Wheels touch down at Heathrow
11:00 am GMT: Late breakfast at the Carlton Towers
2:00 pm GMT: Harrod's
4:30 pm GMT: A stop at Waitrose to pick up a few items
5:00 pm GMT: Tea & scones at the hotel (yum!)
7:30 pm GMT: Dominion Theatre, 'We Will Rock You'
11:30 pm GMT: Late night eats, Bertorelli, Soho
1:30 am GMT: Hit the hay (not bad for old folks with no sleep, eh?)

10:00 am GMT: Breakfast at the hotel
11:00 am GMT: Hit the streets of London -- shopping, people watching
2:00 pm GMT: Light pub lunch
5:00 pm GMT: Tea & scones at the hotel (yum!)
6:30 pm GMT: Dinner at Veeraswamy, Regent St. (next to Gaucho's)
8:30 pm GMT: Prince of Wales Theatre, 'Mama Mia'
11:00 pm GMT: Dawdled back to hotel
12:30 am GMT: Cocktails at Gilt Champagne Bar
1:30 am GMT: Lights out!


11:00 am GMT: Cappucino in the lobby
12:30 pm GMT: Off to Notting Hill and Portobello Market
2:30 pm GMT: Light lunch at Notting Hill pub (name escapes me)
4:00 pm GMT: A walk through Chelsea
5:00 pm GMT: Tea & scones at the hotel (last chance...yum)
7:00 pm GMT: Dinner at Le Caprice
9:30 pm GMT: Leisurely stroll back to hotel
11:00 pm GMT: Nightcap at the hotel
12:30 am GMT: Lights out!

5:00 am GMT: Up and at 'em
6:00 am GMT: Taxi to Heathrow
8:45 am GMT: Take-off for Miami
2:45 pm EST: Wheels down in Miami
5:30 pm EST: Arrive Delray Beach. Greeted by happy Shitzuh :)
7:30 pm EST: Sushi and martinis by the beach
11:30 pm EST: Lights out!

All fun, all the time. No naps, no healthy eating, no ground rules!

I'm ready to do it all again in a heartbeat!

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