Monday, March 26, 2007

Home Again

Took a break from the blog this weekend, as I had things to do. We shut down the house in Florida and headed back to Texas on Saturday. We'd been there for six weeks straight, and that's the longest we'd been away from the house in Dallas.

Got home, and despite our lengthy absence, all seems well. Still pouring through the mail (most of which is junk), dusting the furniture and compiling a list of to-do's to catch up things around here, but even though we were gone for over a month, looks like nothing crashed and burned while we were out of town.

Thankfully, the weather has warmed up here and it's Spring outside. The brown grass has given way to green, and the pansies in my front garden are spilling over the Austin stone surrounding them. Looks like we may have new baby ducks in the lake, always fun to watch.

I have a very important meeting this afternoon, and after that meeting, I may be able to talk more about my earlier post....the one where I've said the joke's on me. Should be an interesting session today, and I'm looking forward to getting some answers.

I am working on Easter plans, trying to get the siblings and family together to attend Easter Mass at the cathedral together in East Dallas and then go to my favorite little wine bistro for Easter brunch. My sister and her family are in, but my brother and his family can't make it. They plan to be in San Antonio that day instead. Wish my parents could make it, but they are not up to the trip from South Texas, unfortunately.

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