Sunday, April 1, 2007

Queen Scene

Finally got to see "The Queen" this weekend. It was on a return run at an art theatre nearby, and it was still showing Friday night, so we hopped over there to see it before its run is up.

Of course, Helen Mirren was terrific. I knew she would be. And while it wasn't a riveting movie, it was certainly interesting to see the sort of thing that probably went on behind the scenes the week Diana died.

I remember that was Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S.. Last vacation days of the summer..... And it was mid to late evening here....most people were still up watching television. I remember hearing the news of the car crash and that Diana had been taken to the hospital. For a while, the reports seemed to indicate that her injuries were not life-threatening. Then it was a shock to suddenly hear the report that she was dead. And I remember thinking that due to time zone differences, we were probably hearing this in the U.S. before most people were hearing it in the U.K., since it must have been in the wee hours there. I thought how devastated the entire country would be once they awoke in the morning to this. How very sad.

I do wonder how much of the movie was speculation about what went on behind the scenes. I mean, who would have had access to specifics about that?

And it was interesting to see such different perspectives of Diana from inside the palace versus outside the palace. She was so loved by the public but must have been the daughter-in-law from hell for the Queen, who clearly had a different take on her.

I wonder, did all of that really damage the monarchy in the eyes of the UK public? And what's the attitude today?


Miss Forthright said...

The monarchy are pretty unimportant to us these days I'd say- the older generations are more bothered than those under 40.

My mum woke me up when it happened- she came into my room and shook me til I woke up, and said 'Princess Diana's dead!' and I was like 'no, shut up' because we were always playing jokes on each other. When we turned the telly on though, we saw it was true.

SandDancer said...

Obviously it was awful for her young sons to lose their mother, but beyond that I was unmoved by it all (much to my mother's horror). I found the whole 'people's princess' stance of the press hugely hypocritical when up until her death they were largely portraying her as some sort of trollope.

M said...

Interesting. Amazing how she immediately achieved 'saint' status upon news of her death. I do hate the press.

From afar, I think the concept of the English monarchy is neat (as figurehead, not ruler). I'm a history buff, and I love the thought of continuing all that history with a family that represents a link to the past. England's history is so rich. It's the history of the world, really. I find it fascinating.

We obviously don't have all that here, and our leaders change out every 4-8 years and are generally such slaves to politics, it's hard to get too excited about any of them. There's certainly no family link to the past. It changes all the time.

Comparatively, we do lack culture and history here, and I abhor the 'culture' we do 'export' - seems like it's mostly Hollywood garbage and McDonald's. Embarrassing, really ...

SandDancer said...

I think we've pretty much paid you back for McDonalds by sending you the Beckhams and Heather Mills in return!

M said...

Yes, and thanks so much for that. Those two alone probably get pretty close to evening the 'cultural' trade balance there.