Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Now They're Yelling at You

Are you going to yell back?


Miss Forthright said...

Eh? Have I missed something?

Nice new pic by the way, very glam. Now you've raised the bar I think I'll have to redo mine.

M said...

I read in a UK paper yesterday that "Big Brother" will not only be watching you in the streets of London, they're hooking up speakers and will also be yelling at you for doing things like littering or conducting 'improper' social behavior. Looks like you'll have to start behaving yourselves out there! :)

The pic was snapped after coming in from Valentines Day dinner earlier this year. I will watch for your update soon, Miss F!

Miss Forthright said...

Oh right yeah, I thought it was quite funny actually. The UK is turning into something out of 1984.

You look like such a healthy glam lady, M. *catches self in mirror and sees pasty complexion*

M said...

Thanks, Miss F.

Lighting is everything.... :)

Actually, I'm half Italian, and I spend part of my time in the Florida sunshine, so I usually have at least a hint of hue...but I also have my pasty moments, that's for sure...