Wednesday, April 18, 2007

He's Doing That on Purpose?

"Nasally is a form of singing. I don't know if you knew that."

What a ridiculous and embarrassing response from an American Idol contestant to Simon's critique of his annoying performance last night. Oh yeah, it's a form of singing -- a really bad, annoying, ear-bleeding, headache-generating, change-the-radio-dial-now type of singing.

I thought this might finally be Sanjaya's week to get voted off, but instead, I'm going with Chris. What an idiot.


Miss Forthright said...

I don't like Chris, he's slimey. I like Jordin best.

M said...

Jordin's the favorite here, too. I can't stand Chris. I'm sorry he didn't get voted off last night, but at least we finally got rid of Sanjaya. I don't think I could have taken him one more week.

I hope Chris is gone next. He is slimey.

Miss Forthright said...

Oooh good Sanjaya went! I always catch up with it on a Sunday here.

Do you have Cat Deeley doing any of the links on the US coverage? She does on ours and she needs executing, she is so sickly sweet it hurts.

M said...

Oops, sorry to be the spoiler on that one. Sanjaya was exceptionally bad this week, and he finally got axed. Finally. I'll refrain from letting you know the outcomes in the future.

Don't have Cat Deeley here. Sounds like I should be glad. :)

Miss Forthright said...

Nah that's ok, I always read on what happened anyway.

Cat Deeley= idiot.