Tuesday, April 17, 2007

President Goldie Locks?

Unfortunately, the race for U.S. President has started unusually early this time. Candidates are throwing their hats into the ring at an alarming rate, hitting the campaign trail and making as much media noise as early as possible. It's nauseating, and I'm already sick of it.

But here's the best 'candidate' story of the week.... John Edwards, who in my estimate has no reason to believe he's even qualified for the job (he's made his living as a personal injury attorney, a turbo-charged ambulance chaser who's made millions driving healthcare costs up, and who lives in a 20,000 square foot house, while claiming to be 'for the average joe')....clearly fancies his locks. Records show he went to a top Hollywood hairdresser on Feb 20 and again on March 7, both times spending $400 on a haircut. $$$$ FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS $$$$

Do you think he gets that the 'average joe' does NOT spend $400 on a haircut? In an entire year?

I don't see how anyone could even consider voting to have this man become the steward of spending our tax dollars. Next candidate, please.


SandDancer said...

He's quite good looking though isn't he? That seems to matter more these days than policies etc to many people.

I really don't understand how much better a $400 haircut can be than a normal priced one though, especially with male haircuts as there isn't that much that can be done.

northern monkey said...

I shave my other half's head on a monthly basis...I might have to reconsider my paltry fee of breakfast in bed if there's such a thing as a $400 male haircut!

As sanddancer says it's not like there's that much to a male haircut...

M said...

Agreed. How good could it be, truly?

Yes, he's fairly good looking, as far as Pres candidates go, but that adds all the more to his smarminess, in my opinion.

Some people who knew him from the past have said that in ealier life, he did not speak with the sweet southern accent he has today. It's like he's trying to become Clinton, yet another smarmy fellow.