Monday, April 16, 2007

A Hard Act To Follow?

It's all over the news....that Wills and Kate are no more. Makes me wonder....from Kate's perspective...after dating a prince and then breaking up, where do you go from there? I mean I had some bad break-ups as a single, but I never got dumped by the future King of England. Wow. Bummer.


Miss Forthright said...

I think she had a lucky escape :o)

M said...

You may be right, but it would probably be difficult to convince her of that at the moment.

Hey, someone here has suggested that Wills be the next guy on "The Bachelor". Wouldn't that be a kick. Especially when he has to take the girl home to "meet the family". (Do you get that show there?)

Rich potential for a Saturday Night Live sketch. :)

Miss Forthright said...

We have shows like it here.

The media are loving this story here at the moment, haha.

M said...

I bet they are. Poor girl. Imagine the humiliation of it all. Take your worst breakup and have it splashed across the papers.

Sounds like an excellent excuse to hunker down with a gallon of Haagen-Dazs. :)

Brittnee said...

People should read this.