Monday, April 16, 2007

Back from the Detour

After taking several days to clear our heads and talk about what's next, we've decided to resume our former path and go ahead and move back into the city...back to Plan A. But instead of moving into the original unit we purchased, we're contracting for a different one with a bit larger floor plan and an extra bedroom (3 in all). We just felt we needed a bit more space, since my husband's daughter will be living with us for a while after she graduates college in December. So our quest to sell the original unit continues, and we may already have a buyer, or at least someone who's expressed strong interest in it, which is a good start.

So....we are busy putting our home in the 'burbs back on the market and are starting the process to downsize and move into the other unit in the next couple of months.

Now my thoughts turn back to paint colors, furnishings, what to keep, what to send to the consignment store, what to donate to the family shelter , what to toss out. Definitely a project.

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