Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Birthday Hell

The month of April is a field of landmines for birthdays in my circle of family and friends. At the beginning of the month, I literally have to make a list to ensure I don't forget who's having a birthday on which day. Some of the celebutantes will get a phone call or an email, some will get a card and others will get a gift, depending on how close the relationship is.

This brings me to my philosophy on birthdays, as callous as it may seem. To me, birthdays are not a big deal. Every person on the planet has one every year, unless they die of course, so really...what is the big deal? Outside of celebrating the day of someone who is really special to you, do we need to make a big fuss?

Now I have to scour my brain to think of something to buy for a couple of people, and I find that to be sheer torture. I had the same problem at Christmas, so I decided to make charitable donations in their honor and send them a card letting them know that a donation had been made to a children's hospital in their name. I thought that would be a great idea, since none of us needs anything anyway. I was so surprised when no one said a word about it to me! Not even an acknowledgement, or 'oh, good idea'. Silence. Crickets chirping. I found that to be very odd, really. If I had spent the money on something FOR THEM, they would have been thanking me for the gift. But since I tried to do something better with it, they didn't say a word. I've been scratching my head about that ever since.

Guess I won't be doing that for the birthday scene and instead will be pulling my hair out to find something for people who already have everything. Aargh.


SandDancer said...

Even if they didn't really like the idea, I think they should have still acknowledged it. Very rude. And I can't imagine anyone being against children's hospitals whereas some charities might go against certain beliefs etc.

I think its a nice idea anyway. My OH sponsored a dog in kennels who can't be rehomed for me for my birthday which I was really pleased with.

Miss Forthright said...

That was rude, wasn't it!

I think birthdays are nice because it's celebrating another year in our relatively short lives, but the presents should be more sentimental than grandiose. I love the idea of sponsoring an animal or giving to charity.

M said...

Oh that's a nice idea. I am a huge animal fan and support those charities as well.

On the other -- I agree. I found the behavior to be rude, and it greatly surprises me because they are otherwise kind and generous people. I would have thought they'd embrace the idea. Instead, they ignored it, completely. Go figure.

Miss Forthright said...

I'm glad you reminded me of the animal sponsorship idea, Sanddancer- I had thought of that a couple of years ago for P but never did it. I just adopted a penguin for him at London Zoo for his birthday in 3 weeks :o)

M said...

Love the penguin idea.

After further thought, given the apparent lack of appreciation over the Christmas donation, and the fact that these people don't really need anything, I opted to back off and just send birthday cards instead. Wonder if they'll say anything now! :)