Thursday, February 1, 2007

Becks and the Liverpool Texans

It's almost Super Bowl weekend, and I have paid zero attention to the whole thing. Usually, I gear up for the big game, but this year my football season ended when the Dallas Cowboys lost their playoff game to Seattle at the last second. What a heartbreak that was. Ever since, I haven't been able to get pumped about any of it.

I did read today that the owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars is purchasing half of the Liverpool Football Club. While this seems odd for a North American sports franchise owner, I can't help but think he is riding a forthcoming wave. Soccer has never been a huge spectator sport in the U.S. (there are lots of soccer kids and soccer moms, but not much attention on a pro level), but with Beckham coming to L.A. shortly, soccer could start to rock in the U.S.

More snow today.....and more forecast for tomorrow. It only takes a half inch to "snow in" the city, and with tomorrow being a Friday, it'll be a great excuse for nobody to go to work. I'm always amazed how the snow can prevent people from driving to work, but somehow they manage to make it to the mall. Go figure.

Time left until Florida, sunshine and palm trees: 14 days and counting. Brrrr!!!!


Miss Forthright said...

Yes, sadly dumb old Becks is very photogenic and therefore women love him and men want to be him. Shame he's not that good at football anymore.

He's also cheated on Victoria several times. There's a famous pic of them out to dinner and he's playing footsie with his mate's wife under the table. Haha.

M said...

He's moving to the right place if he looks good and has no talent. Plenty of those folks in L.A., that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm already tired of Becks & Posh, and they're not even here yet.