Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"F" is not for "Factory Girl"

It's being reported that Hollywood's current "it girl" (really? Most people in the U.S. couldn't pick her out of a line-up) had an action packed 24 hours with lots of newsworthy events, the least offensive of which was dropping the "F" word on live U.S. television this morning. Oh, joy. As if we don't have enough of our own home-grown trailer trash celebrity harlets to endure (Britney, Lindsey, Paris, etc.), apparently now we are importing them from other countries. Well why's only fair...other countries have had to put up with our little darlings all over their televisions for a while now.....Payback is hell, isn't it?

I had an action-packed day myself, although not quite as newsworthy as Ms. Miller's. The day started off with a 15-minute blizzard of the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen....ended abruptly and then turned into rain. I refused to be trapped in the house by Old Man Winter, so I buzzed off to a shoe sale in search of new boots.

I must say, Dallas does not let me down when it comes to a sale. We may not have beaches or mountains or any real natural beauty to gaze at here, but you cannot beat this town for a sale. Almost everything I found today was 75% off.....hard to not come home with something fabulous under those conditions.

By the way...At 160 pounds, Tyra Banks still looks better than most of go girl!

Also, Happy Anniversary to my parents, married 53 years today! I can't imagine liking anyone that long, married to them or not! :) Nice going, guys!


Anonymous said...

Not only did she drop the "F" word, apparently she did the horizontal tango on camera with her co-star in her new movie. What a girl won't do for ratings....geez.

Actually, I'm doubting this report. I think somebody wants some big publicity for the movie (a sort of 'Sharon Stone' moment, if we were to believe it). Well, no dice. I'm not ponying up my $8 for that flick, no matter who's doing what in it.

Anonymous said...

Always knew Tyra would balloon up, and she's on her way.