Monday, January 29, 2007

Barbaro and Camilla take the plunge

It's a Monday, and it wasn't bad for a Monday, except for the cold weather of course. Tried to make the best of it by bundling up in my black leather jacket, gloves and boots. My husband wanted to know where I'd hidden the Harley. :)

Hated to see that Barbaro was put down today. I like animals better than most people, and it really bums me out when one goes, especially one as beautiful as Barbaro. There are lots of green pastures and sugar cubes in horse heaven. Enjoy them well, sweet Barbaro.

Just saw the reaction in the press to Camilla Parker Bowles' latest fashion statement. People seem to be struck (one way or the other) by the jewels and the cleavage prominently displayed by the Duchess of Cornwall during her visit to Philadelphia. Poo, I say! If you've got them, flaunt them (both the rubies and the boobies). Maybe that's what makes her freak flag fly. It certainly seems to do something for Charles, and he is surely a freak.

I salute Camilla on this front (and also Helen Mirren, who showed up at the Globes displaying her globes). Because who is to say that a woman "of a certain age" isn't sexy? Who gets to determine that?

It's one of life's worst ironies that, as a woman, just about the time you start to realize the kind of sexual power you have over men, it's almost gone, which is so unfair. So, women "of a certain age", I say carry on. Light the torch for those of us who will come behind you, wanting to show off what's left of our globes for as long as we have them. Why should all the young chicks have all the fun?


SandDancer said...

Even without her bra, I thought Helen Mirren looked better than most of the younger actresses.

M said...

Agree. I thought Helen looked fabulous!