Sunday, January 28, 2007

Frozen Mustard on the Prairie

We just returned to Texas after having been at our Florida home since Christmas. So far, most everything seems to be in order in the little house on the prairie; nothing a little dusting, a good sweep and trip to the market can't fix, anyway.

But Brrrr!!! It's cold here. I am SO not happy about leaving tropical 70 degree beach digs to return to 32 degrees and frozen tundra. Aaargh!! Where is global warming when I need it?

Anyway....I am amazed at the amount of trivial information the mind is able to store and retrieve, and having two homes demonstrates that for me on a constant basis. The ability to keep up with things like this -- HBO in FL is on channel 302; in Texas it's 501. E! Channel is 74 in FL; 236 in TX. I have spicy brown mustard in the TX refrigerator; honey dijon in FL (almost empty). The expiration date on the creamer in FL is Feb 16; in TX, Feb 6. Must all be stored next to the words of old dusty songs that are fully retrievable on demand. Wasted brainpower, all.

I will be on the frozen prairie for almost three weeks and will have to figure out how to keep up my fitness and running regimen despite the arctic weather outside. It was so easy to do it while residing a mile from the beach....but this is going to be a challenge here. No palm trees swaying, no beach waves rolling in, no sunshine and 70 degrees. What's a girl to do....

In the meanwhile, I will have to stay bundled up (which I hate), and the worst part is giving up the sandals. Socks and close-toed shoes are the height of incarceration for my feet! The toes yearn to be free, and they will have to stay locked up for the next 20 days. Oh, the inhumanity of it!!

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