Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Queen of the Carpet

Being uncomfortably (almost) within viewing distance of that phase of life unaffectionately known as "middle aged" (aarghhh!!!), I am quite pleased at the fashion attention being paid of late to the great actress, Helen Mirren. Not only has she been recognized for looking quite fashionable as she's graced recent red carpets, she's also being described as "sexy" by many. Given her mature age (for an actress), I think that's a wonderful coup for her to pull off, and I salute her whole heartedly. You go, Helen. Knock 'em dead. Show those young, inexperienced harlets how it's done.

It really hit me the other day while out and about....a well-dressed "older" woman appeared on the scene, and my first take on her was that she looked quite fashionable and edgy. And then it occurred to me that she had that "Helen Mirren" look about her...and I thought, 'Oh, Helen....well-done! You're a real fashion icon now." You go, girl!

I am totally looking forward to seeing her on the Oscar red carpet this Sunday.

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