Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Beautiful Trainwreck

I was never a fan of Anna Nicole Smith....I mean, who could be....the woman's life was a trainwreck. But I find her death -- and more so her life - a real tragedy all the way around. A tragedy for her, her family and for society in general, as this woman's life (and death) seemed to bring out the worst in society, the real underbelly of it all -- from the trash media who exploited her (and rewarded her for exploiting herself) to people who could not look away from the train wreck. There was simply nothing in the atmosphere surrounding ANS that was good or uplifting for society. And that's the real tragedy.


Miss Forthright said...

I was shocked too. What a great new story though. They are now suspecting the lawyer of foul play, or so I hear..

M said...

The lawyer is a snake. Even if he didn't "do it", he allowed the drug use to go on unchecked...with both the boy and now ANS. He's not fit to be a guardian for that baby.

With every form of rehab available to celebrities, if he cared anything about her, why didn't he put her in one? It seems like her "handlers" have always been worried about her weight, but could care less about her dangerous drug habits. (She was "Commercial" when thin...they could make more money off of her)

I think the story's just getting started on this one. Cover your eyes, it's gonna get really ugly. There's an orphaned baby and a potential $$ billion attached to her out there. Can the Made-for-TV movie be far away?