Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sore Thumbs, Fast Glitz

Finally got to watch the pre-Oscar red carpet show on tape last night. I was right -- my thumbs are actually sore this morning from holding down the fast forward button. It was a fairly ho-hum affair, despite all the glitz. Glad I could buzz through a 2-hour show in 35 minutes.

I didn't LOVE anyone's dress. And some I really liked, but only in bits and parts. Here are the ones I found favor with ultimately:

Penelope -- while I don't generally like poof on a dress, this actually worked pretty well. I would have guessed Dior, but it was actually Versace (congrats to Donatella....usually her stuff is loud and rad, but not this time). I thought Penelope's hair was a bit severe. She is always so lovely with loose tendrils around her face rather than pulled back tightly. But it all worked in the end.

Reese - She has just taken on a whole new look since her marriage broke up. Good for her! She used to border on dowdy, former sorority girl, almost Loretta Lynn-goes-mod styling. Now she's sleek and chic! Hope Ryan is eating his little cheating heart out!

Gwyneth - While I never get the to-do over this woman, this was the best she has ever looked. The dress was polarizing - you liked it or hated it. I liked it. It was different, and I think it worked on her. Odd color, sort of like a 3-day old salmon in the fridge, but she pulled it off.

Cate - Blanchett strikes again. Lovely. Not many people could pull off that sleek metallic. She either has a rock-hard bod or was wearing layers and layers of Spanx underneath. Either way, it worked.

Nicole - I mostly liked this dress, but that bow really bothered me. She looked like a big, tall Christmas gift from the neck up. From the neck down, she was lovely. Not many people could pull that dress off. It was rather red, like a sports car, a Ferrari red. Perhaps a bit loud, but you couldn't miss her on the carpet.

Dame Helen: Impeccable! She put the 20-somethings to shame.

Particularly bad:

J-Lo -- I just didn't get this. She looked like a reject from a bad 1950s movie about ancient Rome. And her worst accessory is that Marc Anthony guy. She needs to lose him. Her choice in men is horrid. What a waste to be a woman with youth, beauty, money and power in Hollywood and then waste it all on loser guys. A real shame.

I was extremely glad to see that my man Daniel was named Best Dressed by Esquire magazine, and he also got his props on Joan & Melissa's Oscar Fashion Wrap last night. Dressed or undressed, he's hot!

Here's hoping the ladies immediately whisked themselves off after the show to the In & Out Burger for a much deserved cheeseburger and curly fries. Looks like that's what Dame Helen did! She so rocks!

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