Saturday, February 17, 2007

ONE degree of separation

Okay...this is an awesome story....

I have a friend in Florida who recently visited Ireland. During his trip, he struck up a conversation with a guy there over his watch - an Omega Seamaster. They had a lovely conversation, the guy was very friendly, and at the end of their discussion, he took off his watch and gave it to my friend as a gift. Wow. Really nice guy, huh.

And just who was this guy? MR. DANIEL CRAIG himself. (My friend had not seen 'Bond' and had no idea who he was until someone later told him. (can you imagine?) )


He's a real person, and to boot, he's a nice guy.

Now I wonder if I can talk Richard into selling me that watch. If not, maybe he'll at least let me gaze at it for a while, try it on, merely touch it.... :)

And I am now ONE PERSON AWAY from Daniel Craig, and closing in FAST!


Miss Forthright said...

Ah, but my friend used to LIVE ABOVE HIM IN THE SAME BUILDING!

Let's fight.

M said...

With someone living that close, I think we need details....tell your friend to spill the dirt and tell all. :)