Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oscar goes Tivo?

Admittedly, this is a small dilemma but rapidly becoming a big one at my house.

I love the Oscars. Well, mostly I just love the pre-Oscar stuff....red carpet, fashion factoids, etc. The awards show itself can be a big yawn.

Every year, I look forward to it. I mark the date, make sure we don't book anything that night, etc. Sometimes I throw a little Oscar party with a few friends. If people can't get together, my husband and I will have fresh stone crabs, shrimp cocktails and a bottle of Chardonnay in front of the TV and enjoy the guilty pleasure together. It's an annual ritual.

And so was the plan this year.....UNTIL....my husband's brother called to tell us that he/his wife and another couple will be in town THAT DAY and plan to come spend THAT DAY and EVENING with us to visit.

Now I really want my husband to see his brother and all.....they probably get to visit once a year, since they live 1500 miles apart. But I have already been told by my husband that they are not Oscar watchers, so it would be rude of us to turn on the television and watch it during their visit.

I've asked my husband how long they plan to visit with us -- he says they'll show up around lunchtime, probably spend the day and into the early evening and then leave. And I'm thinking, well if they're going to be with us all day, what's the harm in inviting them to our little "Oscar party" and doing it anyway? But he says no, it would be rude, and we can just tape it and watch it later.

Aaargh!!!! We can tape it and watch it later, BUT IT'S JUST NOT THE SAME!! I told him it would be like watching the Super Bowl on tape after the game is over. IT JUST DOESN'T CUT IT!

So now what do I do?


SandDancer said...

I don't see why they can't just join in with your Oscar party. So what if they aren't normally Oscar watchers - it will make a fun change for them?

I'm relieved to hear that other people do this sort of thing. We had a little Superbowl party the other week - just me and the OH, some Amercian beers and snacks. Admittedly I started to fall asleep just as the game was starting but the build up was fun. We do a similar thing with the big Spanish football game twice a year between Real Madrid and Barcelona, where we have friends over and eat Spanish food and drink Roija, Cava and Sangria. (Again I barely pay attention to the sport but concentrate on the refreshments)

M said...

Agree. And I plan to encourage them to come early, so maybe they'll also leave early and not preempt the entire evening.

The hub has spoken up and said he thinks it's okay to have it on, but he doesn't want to make the usual production of it. I guess I can compromise a bit there and just break out the stone crabs and wine after they all leave. :)

I hear Daniel Craig is handing out an Oscar, and I AM NOT missing THAT! :)

Anonymous said...

oh you so cannot miss daniel craig...I think inviting them to your the oscar party is fine...

M said...

Thanks Northern Monkey. And welcome.

So far, all the voting is going my way. I like it. :)

Miss Forthright said...

Do the party. Threaten your other half and tell him that if he makes you tape it, you'll be taping the next Superbowl for him.