Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Heidi Ho

Just returned from the gym where I was perusing some fashion magazine designed to make me feel totally inadequate.....and I noticed a disturbing report.

It seems they surveyed women and asked them this question:

"Would you rather have Heidi Klum's body and die at age 40, or have a fairly unattractive figure but live to be 100?"

Something like 70% of the survey respondents said they'd rather be Heidi and kiss it all off at 40.

Isn't that awful? It's come to this?

I'm not sure who the respondents were, what age group, etc., but based on the mag, I would expect the readers to be in their 20s-30s. It's alarming to hear a result like that from anyone, but particularly this age group. You'd think they'd know better, being not really all that far away from 40 themselves (whether they realize it or not).

The irony is that I was reading this article while pumping hard on a stair climber, apparently trying to get Heidi Klum's body....however, already being 40-ish, I'm not quite ready to kick the bucket and sign off for good.

How would you answer that survey question?

Editorial site note: As hot as I thought Olivier Martinez was in "Unfaithful", I've had to move him from my MMMMM list to the Penalty Box. While this may only be temporary, I felt I needed to move him given all the kerfluffle surrounding his breakup with Kylie as of late. It appears that he hasn't been a very honorable fellow in all of that, but it could just be rumor. Still, better to be safe...so off he goes to the Penalty Box.


SandDancer said...

Heidi Klum is my favourite supermodel - only because she was in 'Spin City' & got to date Michael J Fox!

But even so, I wouldn't have picked that option. I'd probably rather have her face than her body anyway, but not the expense of a decent lifespan.

I ranted about a new magazine in the UK the other day that claimed all young women were interested was clothes and celebrity gossip - this survey would seem to suggest the young women of the USA are similiarly shallow.

M said...

Unfortunately and embarrasingly, I believe you to be correct. I fear that Britney, Lindsey and Paris will ultimately bring the end of civilized society as we know it.

Miss Forthright said...

It's shocking isn't it, this obsession with celebrity. I just don't get it.

M said...

I think part of it is that it's fun to watch rich, beautiful, glamourous people behaving badly. Their lives ought to be perfect, and they ought to know better, but they don't.