Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Higher The Hair, the Closer to God...I guess....

I'm always amazed when I see walking cliches.

I was out and about today and popped into Northpark mall to pick up an item where I happened to notice a strange overabundance of women (not girls...women) who seem to have reprised that old cliche "Dallas" look that I thought was dead and gone. I'm talking BIG HAIR.

I really mean HUGE HAIR. And not even fashionably so... as in some French hairdresser du jour "reinvented" it for the catwalk this year and all the young girls are trying to wear it. No, sir. I'm talking big, teased, curled, fluffed, pumped, sprayed, channeling late 1960s (not even 70s) HUGE hair. On purpose. You could tell that far too much work had gone into getting these mops to perform like this to be just an accident. This hair was planned. These ladies had full intent when they went at it. Big Hair like that doesn't just happen.

And there weren't just a few. It was like a convention of big hair, a Hair Club for Women, Return of the Hair Monsters....lots of them. In droves.

I couldn't help but wonder: Where did THAT come from?

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