Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pinhead Pity

It happened to me again today. Someone asked me if I had kids, and I said no.

Their response? "Oh, I'm sorry."

Me: "Why are you sorry? It was my choice."

Them: "Really? But why?"

Me: "To thoroughly confuse small-minded pinheads like you." (well, that's not what I said...but it's what I was thinking....)


SandDancer said...

As I mentioned yesterday 'over at mine' this annoys me so much as men rarely get asked the same question.

I'm getting to the age where I am constantly asked when I'm going to start a family and told not to leave it much longer, often by relative strangers. The only person who doesn't seem to ask is my mother, who is the only person I would tolerate the question from.

We are undecided on the children issue (although we talk about it frequently) - definitely not as long as we are in London and probably not for a whole host of other reasons. But really it is nobody else's business.

I am however suffering from extreme dog broodiness. My mum has a shi tzuh too - her name is Miss Ellie after the matriarch in Dallas!

M said...

It's a very personal decision. I've had people tell me I'm a selfish person for not having children. And I've responded to them that I find HAVING children equally selfish (you wanted it, so you did's all about you...) and can be the ultimate expression of vanity (otherwise, why not adopt a child vs. requiring one that looks just like you?)

For me, the thought of being totally responsible for another human was so overwhelming, it caused me to decline the role. Ironically, because I do take that responsibility so incredibly seriously, I am precisely the type of person that probably should be a parent. :)

I think one ought to have to pass a test of some sort before being allowed to reproduce. I mean, my goodness, you have to have a license to fish (in the U.S.), but having children seems to require no oversight whatsoever. *scary*

M said...

Sanddancer -- by the way, a four paw wave to Miss Ellie from Mr. Baci here in the "real" Dallas.

"Baci" = "kisses" in Italian. Very fitting, as he is one sweet boy!

Miss Forthright said...

I do want children myself, and they have always been our plan, but I would never scorn someone else for not wanting them.

M said...

I want you to have children. LOTS of them. Takes the pressure off of slackers like me. :)