Monday, July 16, 2007

Two There, None Here

While walking the dog last night, my husband ran into some neighbors who live around the block. They're a young, cute couple who are the parents of a big flopsy mopsy white labrador retriever, whose feet have always been bigger than him, whose sweet face and eyes make you melt as he falls all over himself to move in for a pat on the head. He's adorable...a real-life Pixar animated character on four paws.

But tonight, my neighbors had some new news. They are expecting November. It seems like carrying twins would be quite the task for such a tiny little girl, but she's doing it. Congrats to them all.

But....I couldn't help but think....I couldn't keep my mind from going there. Maybe I was just tired or having a down day.... But I couldn't help but think that life is certainly unfair and sometimes even cruel. Come November, there will be two babies at their house and none at ours.

She's the first person I've run into who is due at the same time I was, and that piece of news really hit a tender spot. I'm not looking forward to November, as I feel it will be a down month for me. While I'm happy for them, I can't help but feeling sad for us.

But life goes on.


Miss Forthright said...

So sorry, M :o( xxx

M said...

Thanks Miss F. I suppose there will always be a bit of pain there, but this news was especially difficult. I'll be fine. Thanks.

Miss Forthright said...


SandDancer said...

Oh M, I am sorry. It must be really difficult for you. You seems to be coping pretty well but there will be times when you will feel sad, its only natural.

M said...

Thanks. I'm doing okay in general...but there are moments, as with anything.