Monday, July 30, 2007

Cruise Control

Though I happen to think Katie Holmes' new do is an improvement over the too-long little girl locks she sported forever, has anyone else noticed that she, Tom and Suri now have the same haircut? As if the 'cult' rumors weren't enough, now they all physically look alike, too.

Actually, I've never been able to decide which one of them Suri looks like, because to me, Tom and Katie look just like each other. They could be siblings, which brings an even odder dynamic to the whole scene. And now it's even scarier with the interchangeable haircuts. *shudder*

1 comment:

catslife said...

I don't get Katie Holmes at all. she used be be lovely but since Grand Master Cruise & his bunch of weirdies got a hold of her, she looks like she has lost her soul. And you are spot on they are all morphing into the same person..