Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pondering the 4th

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, U.S. Independence Day. WHOO-HOO!! While I'm in the mood for a hearty celebration, we don't have any major plans. It seems like we never do, even though every year, we vow to do something special.

On the one hand, I'm frustrated that another 4th has come, and we didn't get off our duffs yet again. On the other hand, considering airport security issues and gas prices, I'm sort of glad we didn't. We thought about maybe hopping over to the Bahamas for a few days or going down to Miami's South Beach and booking a cool hotel on the beach, or driving down to Key West for a few days, but we opted to do none of those things, for various reasons.

So tomorrow, it looks like we'll either play a round of golf - I can always use the practice and am really enjoying playing lately - OR we'll go on a long bike ride up the beach road to Palm Beach and back, which could take up the better part of the day. Then we'll go watch fireworks from the pier over the Intracoastal waterway that's within walking distance of the house.

Our other choice for fireworks is to go downtown locally, where the city is having a huge street celebration. But I must admit, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to things like that -- I try to avoid anything that's "free", as it generally draws the dreggs of the Earth to it. I learned this a long time ago with "free" concerts and don't attend those anymore either. Yuck.

Interesting -- I just read about some archived documents kept in the Smithsonian, which will soon be on display for public view. One was Jefferson's original "rough draft" of the Declaration of Independence, complete with scratched out words and sentence re-writes. Interesting to see what they were considering and what got left in and taken out. Perhaps just a little more insight into some brilliant minds. I wonder how they'd feel about how things are going these days...probably pretty proud in general, as this was a huge social experiment, and no one knew if it would catch on. I'd say it has caught on pretty well, and it's really pretty good, warts and all. I'll take it.

Happy 4th!!


SandDancer said...

Happy 4th July - not sure I should encourage you to celebrate it since I'm English but anyway...Despite the oldness of our country, we are still without a constitution so you're are certainly way ahead of us there.

M said...

Always appreciate good wishes from the mother country. And after 231 years, we can probably let by-gones be by-gones. :)

By the way, we spend so much of our time here fighting over interpretation and implementation of the Constitution, having one can present its own set of problems.