Monday, July 30, 2007

Much Ado About Becks, For Naught

For months now, there's been a billboard on the Dallas North Tollway trying to get us all excited about the forthcoming visit of the L.A. Galaxy (starring David Beckham), for a soccer match against FC Dallas later this week. I don't know how many tickets usually sell for these things....hard to tell how popular soccer is here among anyone older than age 10....but I did hear that as of last week, 1000 tickets were still left for the Beckham extravaganza. That's probably pretty good for a city enamored with the NFL and Dallas Cowboys, where soccer is generally viewed as something played by school children.

I just read in this morning's news, however, that because of Beckham's latest ankle injury, he may not even travel to Dallas this week at all. In fact, the Galaxy coaches will make the call on his status later today after their practice. So after months of hoopla and boosting ticket sales for this game, it looks like Becks may not even show, and if he does, it's unlikely that he'll take the field for any meaningful period of time.

In an ironic note, I did read, that despite the nagging ankle injury, Becks did manage to amply hit the dance floor at his All-Star A-list celebrity party the other night in L.A.. I wonder if there were 1000 remaining tickets for that. Not likely.

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