Tuesday, July 31, 2007

David Doesn't Do Dallas

Following up on the 'Becks' post earlier.....he's not coming now. Too injured to play, so the L.A. Galaxy isn't bringing him at all.

Just saw a poll in the Dallas newspaper (non-scientific, yes) where 65% of the respondees said now that Becks is not going to be there, neither are they. Wow. Those are some dedicated soccer fans, huh?

I think that's pretty lousy all the way around. The Galaxy should at least bring the guy, for all these idiots who only bought tickets to see him. At least they could watch him standing on the sidelines, and that might be enough to get people to show up. If I were FC Dallas, I'd probably be a little ticked right about now, as are many fair-weather fans, no doubt.


SandDancer said...

Hope everything is ok with you, M as you've been a bit quiet the last few day.

M said...

Thanks for your message! Doing okay....had some computer issues earlier this week but should be back online posting again soon. Thanks for your concern, and I hope your week has gone well.