Monday, July 23, 2007

How Not to Spend a Sunday

I haven't talked about this on my blog, but ever since the miscarriage, I've continued to have physical complications from it. I've always been very healthy, so it's been a real surprise at how much difficulty I've encountered with all this. It just didn't seem to want to straighten itself out, no matter what I did.

I thought things were back on track until a few days ago, when they veered way off course. On Sunday morning, it landed me in a nearby hospital emergency room and ultimately, an operating room. Surgery. Not exactly how I'd planned to spend my Sunday, and I can't say I'd recommend it.

But I'm home now, feeling better and hoping for the best. I was glad I was back in Dallas with my OBGYN. I'm a little dinged out today but hopefully on the mend. It's been a long haul and very frustrating. It needs to be over with, because I simply can't be bothered -- too much to do, too many places to be, too many other things to think about. I can't be bogged down with a lingering health issue.



Miss Forthright said...

Aww. Big hugs M :o)

Hope you feel better soon.

SandDancer said...

Sorry to hear this - hope it is over with quicly. But as always you seem to be handling with a good attitude that astounds me.

M said...

That's easy. I simply don't care for the other option - a bad attitude.

Life is short. I want to focus as much energy as possible on the positives, not the negatives.

Onward. Tomorrow's another day, another gift.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this - hope you are feeling better - as you say onward