Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Control Freak on Acid

As posted earlier, I had my visit with Eva the Diva today. Interesting.

As you may recall, Eva is the 'healer' masseuse with her own small clinic, full of potions and treatments that would make a witch doctor envious....all provided in a positive spiritual light, of course.

First, I had the personalized massage. The session began with Eva dangling a crystal on a thread over my mid-section, where it seemed to twirl in a consistent circle on its own. She held it there for about a minute and then declared that my energy is very good, which is an improvement from the last time I saw her, when it was apparently a bit lackluster. Actually, I've been feeling pretty good lately, very energetic and up, so maybe there's something to that afterall.

Next, she began the massage, working on my arms and hands. She asked me what I'd been doing to make my hands 'constrained'. I told her I'd played golf yesterday, and today, they're a little stiff. So she definitely picked up on that.

She moved to my legs, ankles and feet and declared that I had some energy blockage in my lower calves, which she attributed to acidity. According to her, stress, anger and frustration generate acids; acids tear down the body, causing energy blockages and accelerated onset of aging. So the key is to avoid acidity and to keep your body in a balanced PH state. Alkalines are good and are associated with spiritual and physical bliss; Acids are the enemy.

I flipped over and she worked on my back. She declared that my left side, which she says is the 'spiritual' side, was in great condition -- no stress, relaxed, an easy massage. The right side, however, was a mess. The right side is, among other things, the 'control' side. It feels the impact of our ego, our mind and our desire to control things. I'm an admitted control freak, and it showed up in a stressed out, twisted mess. She worked a very long time to get it to loosen up and told me that I needed to learn to 'let things go' more easily.

She also said the right side is the 'feminine side', and that mine was feeling the impact of a stressful event -- something had happened to me...there was a change that had come about in my life that ultimately didn't play out, and I was holding on to the stress of that. (Hello? Miscarriage? Perhaps...and I didn't tell her a thing about that...)

She also hit a spot above my right hip that was incredibly sore. The odd thing is that I was not aware that it was sore until she found it. I had no idea. I asked her how that could be. She said it's because I am having issues 'moving forward', and the impact is being felt in my right hip, but I am subconsciously blocking it out. Hmmm....a reference to my career issues of late? Perhaps. Eva says the spirit, emotions and physical are all tied together, and if one is out of kilter, it shows up in the others. She may be spot on with that one. It was incredibly sore, and I didn't even know it.

Interesting stuff. I am determined to work on the 'letting things go' concept, to promote positive energy flow and keep my spirit, emotions and body more in sync. Apparently, that's the key to it all.


SandDancer said...

Wow - her comments about your feminine side were very accurate. Sometimes, of course, these things are quite general and could be interpreted in many different ways to fit your circumstances and we choose to remember the stuff that applies - but even so, she seems very tuned in to your feelings and if you come away feeling more positive, then it ultimately a good thing.

M said...

I agree. I'm generally a huge skeptic on these things, but she does give me a good massage and good things to think about, so it is rewarding both physically and mentally.

She did pick up on some things last time I saw her -- a sprained ankle that had healed months before, for example. She asked me about an injury to my foot, and she had no reason to know that. So who knows...maybe she's tuned into something bigger. I'd like to think that some people are, since I am definitely not. The logical lobe of my brain protrudes from my head; the more creative side is withered and weak. :) I'm trying to figure out a way to balance that out.